Executives who share the client’s perspective We perform rigorous preliminary analysis, always reinforced by our executives top experience. We provide an independent opinion free of conflicts of interest.
A unique and custom-tailored service We never delegate the execution of a client’s mandate, no matter where in the world it is to be carried out, a Boltendahl executive will always be present to complete the work.
Cost effectiveness Boltendahl’s unique business model and lean structure enables us to deliver top-tier advice at a competitive price point. You pay for the M&A work, not for the M&A company.
High flexibility We are more responsive than larger firms, our flexible team structure ensures no waste and there is the possibility of stopping the process as fast as it starts.
Senior time We work without “networked” brokers or free networks, our transactions are led by senior executives in order to attain a higher level of insight.
Personalized and confidential We provide a personalized dedication; there is always a “face” for the clients as we do not outsource the mandated deals into networks. Strict confidentiality, personalized and reserved execution.
Targeted approach We focus on the issues that will make or kill a deal. We assess risk and reward in a context matching client needs.
Boltendahl’s simple philosophy consists of not promising more than what we can achieve, but always trying to deliver more than what we promise.

That is the main reason why Boltendahl does not accept more than 12 mandates a year, prioritizing always quality over quantity. We believe that M&A is at the same time an art and a complex and sensitive process which requires a highly personalized and confidential treatment.

Boltendahl International Partners provides assessing services such as:

  • Pharmaceutical, healthcare and life sciences: Ethic drugs, Generic drugs, OTC, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Plants, APIs and ingredients, Animal Health, Stem cells umbilical cord, Ophthalmology
  • Consumer Goods
  • Textiles, Apparel, Retail, Footwear
  • Nutrition, Wines and Beverages
  • Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)
  • Transportation and Automotive Logistics
  • Cosmetics, perfumery, aesthetics
  • Cement and Concrete
  • Internet
  • Hospitality / Hotels