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Specialized Services
since 1996

Specialized in mid-sized transactions from € 5m to € 300m, more than 25 years of history, international reach

Mergers and acquisitions

We specialize in assessing, guiding and managing M&A operations until their successful completion

Boltendahl International Partners provides assessing services such as

  • National and international acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Selection of financial or strategic partners
  • Road shows for equity or debt sponsors
  • Contacting companies for potential joint-ventures

Boltendahl is present throughout the whole negotiating process, from the beginning of the transaction, including the preparation of the documentation, the guidance of price negotiations, the coordination of the due diligence process, up to the closing of the deal.

Client´s Profile

Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies planning acquisitions or divestments with revenues between € 5 million and € 300 million.

Private Equity - Industrial Buyers

In search of applications for its investments, add-ons and divestments.

Financial and Strategic Shareholders

Companies searching for new shareholders or investors to support and strengthen the growth of their business.

Joint-Ventures and Partnerships

Companies that need to partner and cooperate with other firms to initiate shared activities adding value to their businesses.

Mandates start with a strictly confidential first contact where the clients interests are analyzed and determined. Afterwards, we proceed to the signing of the mandate, which determines objectives, time-frame and fees.

Specific Services / Products

  • Transaction Advisory
  • Road Shows (Equity or Debt)
  • Offering Memorandum / Sales Book
  • Valuations of Companies and/or product portfolios.
  • Acquisition / Divestment Documentation:
    • NDA / Confidentiality letters
    • Letter of Intention (LOI)
    • Introductory Letters
    • Legal Documents
    • Company Profiles (Teasers)
    • Executive Summaries
    • Presentations, etc.
  • World distribution of cases
  • M&A execution for buyers or sellers
  • Negotiation and Closing

Venture Capital

Expertise in fund raising and development of venture capital projects, providing support and consulting in all financial rounds

Boltendahl International Partners provides assessing services such as

  • Project analysis and valuation
  • Fundraising and financing rounds
  • Road Shows in different languages
  • Business Angels
  • Institutional investors
  • Start-up Business Plan
  • Seed and Early stage funding
  • Series A – D
  • Global case distribution
  • Financial analysis
  • Divestments

For clients needing professional and specialized advice in acquiring, divesting or starting-up new projects, we have developed special expertise in M&A and valuation of venture capital projects, providing solutions and support throughout each stage.

Creation of a business plan:
this study will help clients gain a profound and objective knowledge of the project to develop.

Presentation stage:
with a sound business plan we are able to trigger the search and selection of potential partners, whether for obtaining funds or for specific joint-venture.

Negotiation stage:
throughout the negotiation phase, we are there to mediate, support and bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.

Ultimately a well-prepared financial advisor is crucial for obtaining funds from investors and institutions.

Stages and key aspects

  • Elevator Pitch, Teasers and Executive Summaries
  • Financing Round Evaluation
  • Term Sheet
  • NDA // Legal documentation
  • Memorandum
  • VDR Data Room
  • Long List // Short List
  • Complete management of the M&A process
  • Global distribution
  • Negotiation and Closing

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

At Boltendahl we offer tailor made M&A and Investment Banking services for the Life Sciences sector and specifically for the Healthcare, Medical Devices and Pharma industries

Product-portfolio divestments:
acquisitions, divestments and in-out licensing of unique pharmaceutical products.

Licensing Agreements / Distribution Agreements.

Pharmaceutical Market Research:
onsite market assessments and competitor analysis.

Purchase and/or sale of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and veterinary laboratories.

Transfer of pharmaceutical technology.

Regions of special interest:
Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, UK, US and Latin America.

Boltendahl is a leading financial advisor on asset sales in the life sciences vertical.
We represent both buyers and sellers in structurally complex asset transactions. We facilitate all phases of the transaction, from the identification of suitable counterparties, through the negotiation of terms, to the closing of the deal.

Strategic M&A consulting

Detailed analysis and study of the company identifying its priority strategies, recommending ways of non-organic growth through M&A, culminating in the development of a credible and feasible business plan.

Boltendahl International Partners provides assessing services such as

  • M&A oriented Business Plan
  • Market research
  • Strategic diagnosis of regions, sectors and companies
  • Non-organic growth assessment
  • SWOT of competitors and industries
  • Market intelligence and market databases
  • Conceptualization and presentation development
  • Market and Commercial Due Diligence

Whether a company is looking to enter new markets, screen competitors or evaluate potential acquisitions, we help to elaborate pragmatic solutions. Our consulting is handled in a defined period of time and with previously defined goals.

Specific Services / Products


Screening of Equity Sponsors


Screening of Debt Sponsors


Market Research


Strategic Assessment of regions, sectors, companies or projects


Consulting for foreign companies entering national markets


Corporate Finance




Economic Advisory


Investment Banking consulting


Contact & Fronting


Due Diligence

We study your case

We value your needs with a customized proposal